5F-AKB48 (also known as 5F-APINACA) is a synthetic designer cannabinoid that acts as a potent agonist for the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors[1]. It produces subjective effects somewhat similar to that of cannabis with a short duration and an emphasis on intense physical sensations. Its metabolism has been described in the scientific literature.[2][3][4][5] It was first identified in South Korea[6] and is available for sale as a grey area research chemical through online vendors.

Cannabinoids are commonly smoked or vaporized to achieve a quick onset of effects and rapid offset. 5F-AKB48 is orally active when dissolved in a lipid, which can increase the duration significantly. Like other cannabinoids, it is insoluble in water but dissolves in ethanol and lipids.

Products Specification

Product Name: 5F-AKB48 powder
Cas No: 1400742-13-3
Formula: C23H30FN3O
IUPAC: N-(Adamantan-1-yl)-1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide
Appearance: White to yellow crystals
Purity: above 98.5%

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